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What´s a Pinkshot?
with a Pinkshot You receive a 200ml bottle made of PET, the bottle already contains a 10ml bottle with high concentrated flavor. In filling the bottle with a base You receive a useable mixture. How to handle...

1.) open the shot bottle
2.) remove the small bottle out of it and pour its content into the shot bottle
3.) check carefully what kind of base you´ve got!
4.) in the table below You´ll find our mixing advise for several bases


Base (VG-PG)     fill up to...     concentration %
50-50       200 ml level*     5%
70-30     165 ml level     ca. 6,00%
80-20     160 ml level     ca. 6,25%
90-10     145 ml level     ca. 7,14%
*first bend above the scale

5.) after filling please close the bottle carefully,
6.) shake it,
7.) store the mixture for about 1 week at a child secure place,
8.) shake the bottle as well during this time and before final use

content of a Flavor Shot system are 10ml high concentrated aromatic flavoring, enough to produce up to 200ml of final mixture
origin: DEU
attention: You´ll need a base, it´s not included!

For further questions please contact our support.